Långviksmon on the outskirts of Örnsköldsvik is home to Forsbergs Bygg & Anläggning. They mainly work in the forestry industry, but also perform contracting work. It was for this branch of their business that works manager Pär Edlund needed a new order processing system. The supplier he decided upon was Workify.

From order to invoice in one system

“I was looking for a system that would allow me to follow the orders through every stage of the process, from booking to invoicing”, says Pär. “Workify provides me with an overview of all our jobs and their status. I know that all the work we do will be invoiced, and that nothing will get overlooked. In addition, we have also reduced the time between the completion of the job and the sending of the invoices.”

Pär is the works manager at the company. This means that, among other things, he receives orders from the customers and allocates the work to the various drivers. He uses Workify on his computer in the office, and his seven drivers use it on their mobiles. Workify is integrated into the finance system, so the invoicing data is automatically sent to the girl who is responsible for the invoices. Thanks to Workify, much of the manual work duties in the company have disappeared, which saves them both time and money.

Quick and easy to switch system

Making the switch to Workify was both a simple and easy process. It was also performed quickly.

“Workify uploaded our customer register and our item numbers into the system. All we needed to do was to download the app on our drivers’ mobiles. It took one day, and then everything was ready! Their support team is committed and provides a quick response. It’s clear that they always strive to make the system even better. Our drivers, our customers and I are all really satisfied!”

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