“We save loads of time by using Workify”

Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri AB in Alunda is one of the companies that has tried Workify. After only a few weeks, they could already see positive results in the form of major time-savings and a considerable reduction in manual work duties. To start with, it was only the company’s CEO and one of the crane drivers who tried the app. Today, Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri is a satisfied customer, and Workify is used by everyone in the company.

One hour to get started

Mattias Sjökvist has been a customer of Hiab for several years, and had previously participated in their development work. When asked if he would be interested in testing their new Workify app to improve the efficiency of transport management, he didn’t hesitate.

“I am driven by change and trying new things, so it was a no-brainer for me to agree to try this. Furthermore, having the opportunity to influence the functions and content of a new product or service that would greatly benefit my own company is fantastic”, explains Mattias.

Once Mattias had decided to be involved, a member of Workify’s sales team travelled to Alunda and helped with the introduction and installation on site. To begin with, it was only Mattias and one of the crane drivers who installed the app.

“The installation of the system was both quick and easy. We could transfer our customer register and items directly from our bookkeeping and invoicing program Fortnox into Workify, which was really convenient. In total, it probably only took an hour to get started”, says Mattias. “The mobile app was also really easy to understand and use – even for those of us who do not feel so comfortable with new technology. Today, all the drivers use Workify, and they all think that it works really well.”

Everything brought together in one place

Previously, the company had used a shared digital calendar, which everybody could access via their telephones. This worked relatively well, but the problem was that not all the information about each job was available. This resulted in the need for much more manual work in order to bring everything together and be able to send invoices. The manual work duties consumed a lot of time and were a constant source of uncertainty – ‘Is there anything I’ve forgotten?’

“I was spending a lot of time chasing up manually completed driving slips and invoicing data”, explains Mattias. “Then I had to enter these manually into the invoicing system in order to be able to produce the invoices. Now I don’t have to do any of that. All the information that I and the drivers need is accessible via the app – the entire chain, from customer orders to invoices. The app gives me control over all the jobs, as well as a physical sense of reassurance as I know that there won’t be any mistakes.”

The major time-savings, the reduction in manual work duties, and having everything brought together in one place are the principal benefits of Workify, according to Mattias.

“I only have good things to say about Workify, and I can highly recommend it to any other haulage company that wants to save time and become a more professional supplier”, concludes Mattias.

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