Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal module is used to enable your customers to place orders with you whenever it suits them, directly online or using the app. This enables you to receive customer orders even when you are not personally available.

Why do we need the Customer Portal module?

The Customer Portal module simplifies communication with your customers and makes you accessible 24 hours a day. Customers can see the status of their orders, and can also make amendments to documents, such as delivery slips.

Skärmdump ur Kundportalmodulen i Workify Affärssystem som visar hur vyn i systemet ser ut.

Value to the company

  • Greater accessibility and flexibility for customers – they place their orders whenever it suits them
  • Orders from customers directly in your mobile – avoids manual input by transport leader
  • Speeds up the planning and allocation of jobs
  • Better and faster communication with customers


  • The customer places their order with the relevant information
  • Option of determining which information shall be made available to customers


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