The Rentals module is used to provide an overview of the containers and other equipment rented out by the company. You can see where your equipment is, how long it has been there, and who is responsible for paying the invoice.

Why do we need the Rentals module?

The Rentals module gives you an overview and control over your fleet of containers – where they are, and their attributes. You also know who has rented what, for how long, and how much they will have to pay. This means that you will never lose track of your containers or miss out on revenue from rentals.

Skärmdump ur Uthyrningsmodulen i Workify Affärssystem. Visar en kartbild där positionen av uthyrda objekt visas.

Value to the company

  • Control over how many and what types of containers/objects the company has
  • Control over where the objects are – don’t lose track of your containers or other objects
  • Control over which customers have rented what objects, as well as for how long and how they will be invoiced
  • Never miss out on getting paid for a rental


  • Object register: list, calendar, map
  • Link rental item to objects
  • Passive tracking of objects
  • Label objects with attributes
  • Set invoicing intervals
  • Reminders when it is time to send invoices


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