Time Reporting

Time Reporting

The Time Reporting module is used for the registration of working hours and the reporting of hours worked against work orders. Used primarily by the drivers and by the company’s administrator.

Why do we need the Time Reporting module?

The Time Reporting module makes it easy for you to manage your company’s attendance reporting. Drivers will be able to use their mobiles in order to clock in and out of their shifts. Drivers also use this module to report the time they have spent on the work orders allocated to them. This makes it easier to have an overview of the level of payments for both individual drivers and the company as a whole. The module also minimises and facilitates the administration of salary payments.

Skärmdump ur Tidrapporteringsmodulen i Workify Affärssystem som visar hur vyn i systemet ser ut.

Value to the company

  • Easy attendance reporting for drivers directly on their mobiles
  • Overview of hours worked and overtime for a given period
  • Simple administration
  • Awareness of payment levels
  • Simple transfer to the salary system


  • Clock in/out
  • Register time types for (e.g.) orders
  • Register times on the web
  • Verify (= lock) times on the web
  • Export to XL or PAXML for uploading to the salary system
  • Name your own time codes


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