The Integration module is used for the electronic transferring of invoicing data and the synchronisation of register data. Used primarily by the person responsible for the administration of the business.

Why do we need the Integration module?

The Integration module enables the integration of Workify with your invoicing system. This speeds up your invoicing process and minimises the risk of problems caused by human error. The time you need to spend on each invoice will be significantly reduced, which saves you both valuable time and money. The simpler invoicing process enables many customers to send invoices more frequently, which creates better liquidity for the company.

Skärmdump ur Integrationsmodulen i Workify Affärssystem. Visar att Workify affärssystem går att integrera med Visma, Fortnox och Björn Lundén .

Value to the company

  • Invoicing data is transferred automatically via API to the invoicing system – avoids the need to create invoices manually
  • The elimination of human error minimises the risk of mistakes
  • The invoicing process becomes simpler and quicker, saving you valuable time
  • More frequent invoicing can improve liquidity
  • Increased trackability between orders and invoices


  • Create individual invoices or compilation invoices
  • Select which data is to be sent with the invoice
  • Support for cost centres/result centres
  • Create new customers/items in the invoicing system when transferring


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