The Orders module is used for the company’s transport management and order processing. It is also possible to use the module to manage external contractors. The Orders module forms the basis of Workify and is always included. 

Why do we need the Orders module?

The Orders module provides you with an overview of all your orders, so you will never forget to send any invoices. It reduces your paperwork and saves you valuable time. You become a more professional supplier, with the ability to communicate swiftly and correctly with your customers. It simplifies and speeds up your invoicing process, which enables you to send invoices more frequently. This reduces the time between the work being completed and the money arriving in your bank account, thereby also improving the company’s liquidity.

Skärmdump ur Ordermodulen i Workify Affärssystem

Value to the company

  • All orders are digitally logged – ensures that all jobs will be invoiced
  • Overview of all vehicles and drivers in your system – including contractors
  • Reduction in the number of phone calls – drivers have all the information they need on their mobiles
  • Swift reporting by the drivers in the system – avoid having to chase up handwritten driving slips
  • See booking status/vacant capacity in real time – avoid keeping all the information in your head
  • All data storage takes place in the cloud – no business-critical data stored on mobiles/computers


  • Create, edit and copy work orders – even from your mobile
  • Planning calendar
  • Order status with colour-coding
  • Invoicing data for individual orders
  • Compiled data for groups of orders


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