Regardless of the size of the haulage company, it is important to be a professional and dependable supplier to your customers. With Workify you can!

Competition is tough, and success requires consistently high quality in deliveries, being easy to collaborate with, and ensuring that the invoices you send are clear and contain all the information the customer needs. Furthermore, many customers choose to work together with suppliers who make continual investments in their business in order to keep up with developments. 

Workify enables your company to do just that.

With Workify, your clients/customers get: 

  • Reliable deliveries with high quality
  • Fewer incorrect deliveries due to misunderstandings or mislaid information
  • Swift feedback – digital delivery slips in conjunction with completed deliveries
  • Clear invoices without delay
  • Opportunities for digital signatures
  • A digital partner that is well-prepared for the future

Haulage companies that have already chosen Workify

Read about how some of those companies who already use Workify feel that their work has changed, and about the impact digitalisation has had on their company.

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