Transport Leaders

In a haulage company, the transport leader has a key role. In smaller companies, the transport leader often has great responsibility, a high workload and long working days.

Transport leadership is often the personal responsibility of the CEO. It is not unknown for the person responsible for transport planning to also drive one of the company’s vehicles. It is also often the case that this same person has to devote their evenings and weekends to performing time-consuming administrative duties. 

In other words, this is a person who is in need of relief. Fortunately, Workify is here to help! Workify makes life both easier and more enjoyable for everyone in the company.

It is the transport leader that customers call in order to place their orders. The transport leader must then distribute the orders that have been received among the various drivers, ensure that they have all the information they require, hunt down manual delivery slips and time reports after the drivers have completed their work, double-check that all documentation is consistent with the order, and then prepare the data ready for invoicing.

Bild på Krille Ekman, ägare på åkeriet Ekmans i Hedesunda, som är en av Workifys kunder.

In Workify, transport leaders can:

  • Create and manage customer orders – both via their mobile and computer
  • Have an overview of all jobs, vehicles and drivers in one and the same system
  • Receive swift reporting from drivers – times/costs for each order
  • Continually check and approve completed orders and send them for invoicing
  • Avoid manual administration, gain valuable extra time and reduce the risk of mistakes
  • Be sure that all jobs will be invoiced
  • Sleep soundly at night, knowing that they have full control over work and finances

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